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Wedding FAQs

Q: You say there are no constraints or constrictions. What does that mean?

A: We want you to be able to do whatever you want, but within reason. If you want to arrive by helicopter, or dance until the sun comes up we would love to help you achieve that, but there may be legal or environmental rules or restrictions. We will consider anything, but we must make sure your ideas are safe, legal, practical and possible and that they do not harm the environment or community . We are confident that we can find a solution to accommodate most ideas and desires so contact us to discuss them!

Q: How many guests can I have?

A: As few as you like, but no more than 150 to protect the land and ensure there is enough room to park.

Q: What sort of marquee or tent can I have?

A: That’s up to you! We highly recommend a traditional pole and line marquee sail cloth marquee or tipis to really show the venue off! We do ask you to choose from one of our two recommended suppliers, Magical Events or County Marquees. These are companies we have worked with for several years and we know they are reliable, high quality and fairly priced. Both companies are extremely professional family businesses, so hiring from these suppliers ensures you are supporting our community as well as getting an excellent service. If you would like a style of tent that these suppliers do not offer, we are happy to work with you to find an alternative.

Q: Can I use candles?

A: We love candles and have lots of glass jars, lanterns and LED tealights you can use as part of your hire. We recommend battery candles or solar lamps to ensure the land, wildlife and hire equipment are safe at all times. Most marquee companies will not permit candles inside so check the Ts and Cs on the hire agreements (or ask us to do it for you!).

Q: Who is responsible for clearing up?

A: You are, but but we will help you! Clearing up is a team effort but we will do as much as possible for you on the night of your wedding. This generally includes clearing away linens, glasses, crockery and cutlery, removing debris from the floor and stacking waste. As you hire from companies directly it is best for you to know what condition everything is in before you hand it back, so if we notice any missing or damaged items we will let you know as soon as possible. The main ‘clean up job’ is a litter pick. We suggest you get a little working party together. As you have exclusive hire of the meadow there is no hurry – so you still get a lie-in the morning after! We are happy to store any of your gifts or decorations if you are off on honeymoon too. If you have a large amount of waste, including bottles and cans, we may ask you to take some away after the event. Campers are expected to take their waste away with them.

Q: Will you be on site to offer help and support?

A:  Our service comes with the hire price so we will always be on site to check that all is ok and generally making sure all runs smoothly. We will create a day plan for you and co-ordinate activities on the day, and for set up and break down. We live on site so you will have privacy at night but we are always on hand if you need us.

Q: You say there is no corkage charge – does that mean we can bring our own alcohol?

A: Yes – we do not have a license to sell alcohol so you can either bring your own and set up a free bar, or if you want to charge we can provide a barman and you can apply and pay for a license for the day (approx. £21). Most mobile bars will do this for you, or we can help. If you want to run a free bar or allow guests to bring their own drinks, we ask that all alcohol is stored and served by us to keep people safe and prevent hazards like glass bottles finding their way into the meadow grass or lake.

Q: Do you have toilets on site?

A: You will need to hire toilet facilities. We can recommend suppliers, and arrange the delivery and collection for you. Luxury loos are the best option and cost around £600. We have a flushable toilet available for glampers. From 2023, luxury toilets are included in the hire price.

Q: What about electricity?

A: You will need a generator to provide power – we include this in the hire price and will set it all up for you so you do not need to worry.

Q: Do you have a water supply?

A: A water supply is accessible for caterers but due to the location your caterers will need water storage. Most caterers have this, but we will liaise with them to ensure they have what they need. We have water storage containers for use if needed. We can provide drinking water, though you may prefer to provide bottled water.

Q: Do you have preferred caterers?

A: Not at all, we think you should have whatever nosh you want. We have some great suppliers that we can recommend if you would like us to, but we are happy for you to have whoever you like to cater for your event – or do it yourself! We would always recommend selecting a caterer with a food hygiene standard of 4 starts or higher and ensure they have adequate liability insurance.

Q: Are there any restrictions about parking or transport for arrival?

A: Parking is free and we have ample room for cars, minibuses or busses to park or drop-off guests. Most parking is on fields or in the farm yard. 

Q: What time does the music stop?

A: Live music must end at 11.30pm. Most bands like to finish at 11pm so we suggest they end their set and then low level music (e.g. playlist) can continue to be played whilst the band pack down. We have to be mindful of our neighbours and the environment, so volume may depend on the direction of the wind.  Low-level music can be played until midnight (e.g. iPod via a PA).

Q: Can we have a fire?

A: Fire pits provided by tipi or marquee companies are welcome, but can only be lit if the land is not too dry. We will monitor the weather and let you know on the day. As we are surrounded by farm land we have to put safety first! One clever couple used LEDs under logs in shop-bought fire pits to create a fire-pit effect without the risk of flames. We will light and monitor fire pits during the event.

Q: Can we camp?

A: Yes you can! We welcome tents, camper vans and caravans. Our bridal bell tent “Belle Leaf” is included in the hire price, as is our shower room with a hot shower and flushing toilet. From 2021 we also have the new “Meadow Yurt” available for an additional price of £300. The yurt can sleep up to four people and includes a double bed. Please note for those bringing caravans and campers, we do not have an electrical hook-up or toilet waste disposal point.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: We suggest you always plan for it to rain all day. That way you know that if the heavens do open, your perfect plans will not be washed away.  We will help you have a plan A, and a plan B (and usually a plan C) to make sure everything runs smoothly whatever the weather. The most important thing is to have enough indoor space to house everyone if it is a bit drizzly, which means having a reasonable sized marquee or tipi for the number of guests. We can talk you through the recommended size requirements when you visit.

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“Can I dance all night?”

Glamping FAQS – Little Island Retreat

Q: How many people can glamp?

A: Little Island Retreat can welcome two people sleeping in a king size bed. There is no room in the cabin for extra beds. Meadow Yurt can sleep four people, two in a double bed and two in single camp beds. We can also provide a third glamping unit, Belle Leaf, our bell tent who can sleep two in a double bed. Whether you want one or all of our glamping units, your party will be the only glampers on site, ensuring your exclusive use.

Q: You say there is exclusive use for glampers, but you have more than one unit, how does that work?

A: We have three glamping units on site, Little Island Retreat our glamping cabin for two on the island on the lake, Meadow Yurt our spacious yurt in the adjacent meadow which can sleep two to four people, and Belle Leaf our bell tent with double bed for up to two people. We will only allow one group or party on site at a time, so if you want to book Little Island Retreat as a romantic getaway for two, or Meadow Yurt for a group of four, it’s all yours and we will not book the other units out to other glampers. If you want to stay with us as a group of family and / or friends, you can hire two or more of the units and still enjoy exclusive use of our site. Our prices are based per unit so you will only pay for the units you need. Prices start from £90 a night.

Q: Can we stay in Little Island Retreat on our wedding night?

A: Sadly no. Due to its location on an island we cannot allow use of Little Island Retreat on wedding nights as all glampers must be outside of the lake front by 1am. Our bell tent Belle Leaf is included in hire though so you can still spend your wedding night under the stars.

Q: What toilet and shower facilities do you have?

A: Little Island Retreat and Meadow Yurt have their own eco toilets next to the accommodation. A short walk away there is a utility and shower room with hot running water, fridge, kitchen sink, flushing toilet and shower. There is a mirror and electric and USB charging points for phones and hair dryers etc. If you hire both Little Island Retreat and Meadow Yurt, your party will share the utility and shower area. As we only allow one group to book a stay you will only ever share the shower facilities with your friends or family.