How to make it yours!

It’s all about you!

Unlike other venues, we don’t have a format for you to follow. We know you don’t want your special day to be like anyone else’s, you want it to be as unique as you are. At Rookery Meadow our aim is to help you achieve your dream wedding, with all the personality and individuality that only you could bring. We want you to fall in love with Rookery Meadow and make it yours.

Make it yours landscape

At Rookery Meadow we believe in being individual, in being different.  We give you the chance to make the meadow match your style and meet your needs. You shouldn’t have to compromise on the things you want, so rather than tell you what you can and can’t have, we ask “what do you want?” – and then we set about making it happen!

1. First of all, find out more about Rookery Meadow, and how it came to be

2. Then take a look at our gallery and get to know the place

3. Next browse through our costs and creations and delve inside the Barn of Curiosities for inspiration

4. Finally, get in touch to arrange a visit! Once you see the magic of the meadow you will be full of ideas about how to create your perfect meadow wedding

So step into the meadow and make it yours… Have fun!

Beautiful blank canvas lake boat



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“I don’t want my wedding to be like anyone else’s”