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The Widow of Rookery Manor

You arrive at Rookery Meadow, your Great Aunt’s impressive Tudor Manor that you heard so much about as a child. You are nervous but excited, why have you been invited here? The butler welcomes you and shows you to your room. Laying on the bed of the guest room an envelope is waiting for you, you tear it open, the adventure begins...


Join us for a 2-night mystery puzzle retreat at Rookery Meadow. Stay inside the beautiful Manor house, eat delicious locally sourced vegetarian food and attempt to solve the mystery of the Widow of Rookery Manor.


You and your party will arrive to a puzzle to keep you busy over dinner and over the next day be led through an escape room, scavenger hunt and grand feast. Will you crack the codes, solve the puzzles and unlock the secrets of this strange but beautiful place?  Whilst this is an immersive experience there will be plenty of downtime to browse our extensive board game collection, have a pint in the local countryside pub or sit and enjoy the peace and quiet in the meadow under our ancient oaks.  


We are located in the wilds of north Suffolk, 2.5 hours from central London.  


Groups of 4-6 for the great introductory price of £1,200 including entertainment, food and accommodation.


For more information and to book please email

Rookery Meadow
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