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Rookery Meadow is an outdoor wedding and event venue in Suffolk.

 Whether you celebrate your wedding with us or join us for a special event or retreat, you will have the whole venue to yourself, making it a truly unique way to enjoy your special day or a relaxing getaway.

Rookery Meadow is set in nine acres, offering you exclusive use of two acres of natural grassland lined with four ancient oak trees. The adjoining field boasts a private lake with its own island (yours too!). All set in a secluded spot in Suffolk, right on the Norfolk border.

The meadow is part of protective environmental scheme to manage the hedgerows, nurture the wildlife and encourage native fauna and flora to take root. Each season offers its own natural treasures, from the colourful wildflowers in spring to the summer waterlilies and the golden colours of autumn leaves.

One of the greatest benefits of holding your wedding at Rookery Meadow or joining us for a unique Suffolk event, is the ability to enjoy the beautiful, tranquil environment. The elements of the meadow – the old oak trees, the wild-flowers, the insects – are the showcase of the setting and have inspired us to share this special place.

We want you to fall in love with Rookery Meadow, and we will do our best to ensure that you end up cherishing it as much as we do.

Rookery Meadow
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